Senior Cadillac Sales Director Julianne Rowe

• Julianne began working her business 4-6 hours a week in May 2013 so she could earn an extra $1,000 per month so she could move out of her parents’ house! At the time, she had just started her full time career in marketing!

• She earned her first career car, as a consultant, 8 months later in January 2014. She then debuted as a Sales Director in May 2014 on her 23rd birthday!!

• After earning her first car as a consultant in January 2014, Julianne led her unit to earn the 2014 Chevy Equinox in May 2014, a 2015 BMW in June 2014, and then the prestigious PINK 2015 Cadillac SRX in September 2014!!!!

• While she helped her amazing mentor Angie Locke build and finish her national area by June 30, 2015, Julianne began building the foundation of her very own national area. She has 2 offspring sales directors. Tara Olson, Julianne's mom, debuted as a sales director on September 1, 2014 and Jennifer Hix debuted as a sales director on July 1, 2016! Both Tara and Jennifer currently drive Chevy Cruzes compliments of Mary Kay, however they will soon be Equinox drivers and then on to their Pink Cadillacs!!

• Julianne's highest commission check to date excluding sales, was $11,197 in one month! Julianne has earned a black and white diamond ring for completing all 3 new director challenges, making her a Triple Crown achiever and she was ranked as the #1 director in her debuting class, for which she was given a 13-carat Topaz ring!! These are just the first of many diamonds to come in her career! She completed the $350,000 Circle of Achievement in July 2015, earning her a $1,000 bonus, a diamond bar pin, and a plaque to go in her office! Julianne was ranked #5 in Sapphire Seminar for National Court of Sharing! Her rewards was a beautiful 14k gold and diamond Bumble Bee pin!

• Julianne retired from her full-time position in May 2014 to build her business with Mary Kay full time. Her reason and passion for working her business is to be able to build a life of choices for her future family, she wants to give back to others, and empower women to create a life of choices regardless of where they are in their life or career. Her greatest joy is seeing her consultants reach their goals!

  • Julianne’s goal for her unit for Seminar 2018 is to have 100 consultants in her Pink Spotlight unit and to be a $500,000 Circle of Achievement Unit!! Julianne will personal goal is to be the Queen of Sharing for the entire Sapphire Seminar!! She will be recognized for these achievements at Seminar in Dallas, Texas in July 2018.

• Her biggest supporters are her amazing husband Peter Rowe and her incredible parents Tara and Eric Olson.